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Matthew Barney Trivia Contest

Entries Due April 1, 2006

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. We had many entrants with 18 or more correct answers, but prizes (one Drawing Restraint 9 poster autographed by Matthew Barney and some copies of Bjork's Drawing Restraint 9 soundtrack CD) were awarded to the first entrants with all 20 questions answered correctly. All of the prize winners have been notified, so if you entered but did not receive an email you had one or more incorrect answers or submitted your entry after we had our winners.

The questions and correct answers are listed below:

1. Where and when was Matthew Barney born?

San Francisco, March 25, 1967

2. What modeling agency employed Barney while he was in college?


3. What building housed Matthew Barney’s senior thesis exhibition at Yale University?

Payne Whitney Athletic Complex

4. Barney’s relationship with Icelandic pop sensation Bjork has been well publicized, but he was previously married. Who was Matthew Barney’s first wife?

Mary Farley

5. What is the name of Matthew Barney’s daughter and when was she born?

Isadora, October 3, 2002 (one entrant included that Isadora’s last name is Bjarkardóttir, but I have been unable to confirm that information -- “Isadora” with no last name was considered a correct answer but there was no penalty for including a last name)

6. What Raiders football star provided inspiration for a video Barney produced in 1992?

Jim Otto

7. Which was the first Cremaster episode to be filmed?

Cremaster 4

8. What are the five principal locations of the five Cremaster films?

Cremaster 1: Bronco Stadium (Boise, Idaho)
Cremaster 2: Utah (“Rocky Mountains” accepted and possibly more correct since some of the footage was shot in the Columbia Ice Fields in Canada, “Bonneville Salt Flats” accepted, although the film is set in several Utah locations)
Cremaster 3: Chrysler Building (New York City also accepted, but less correct)
Cremaster 4: Isle of Man
Cremaster 5: Budapest (more specific answers such as “late nineteenth century Budapest” or “Hungarian State Opera House, Budapest” also accepted)

9. Who is the only character to appear in more than one Cremaster film?

I was looking for Gary Gilmore - the only character credited by name in two of the films (Cremaster 2 and 3). However, there is much to indicate that “The Magician” in Cremaster 4 represents Harry Houdini (who also appears in Cremaster 2) and I realized that the Cremaster Cycle Synopsis page on says, “Gary Gilmore and Houdini appear in multiple films” so I accepted either Gary Gilmore or Harry Houdini as a correct answer.

10. How many chorus girls appear in Cremaster 1 (not counting Goodyear and the two title sequence chorus girls)?

I was looking for 55 - the number of dancers listed in the credits. However, one astute entrant pointed out that only 53 chorus girls appear in the film. A careful review of the Cremaster Cycle book indicates that the choreography was designed for 55 chorus girls, but I can find no more than 53 chorus girls in any of the stills. Therefore, answers from 53 to 55 were accepted.

11. What Manhattan bar inspired the mirrored saddle used in the opening sequence of Cremaster 2?

Denim and Diamonds

12. Cremaster 3 depicts a demolition derby between Chrysler Imperials produced during what two model years?

1930 1938 and 1967 (In the synopsis page for Cremaster 3 I had written that the older Chrysler Imperial in the demolition derby sequence was from 1930. However, this was based on an incorrect reading of the text in The Cremaster Cycle catalog. Matt Ryle, Barney's Production Director, contacted me to let me know that the car was, in fact, from 1938 (the year of Matthew Barney's father's birth). Since the error was my own fault, I accepted either 1930 or 1938 as correct. The Cremaster 3 synopsis page has since been corrected.)

13. What two words constitute the only spoken dialog in Cremaster 3?

Maha Byn

14. Name the five degrees in “The Order” sequence of Cremaster 3.

1st Degree: Order of the Rainbow for Girls
2nd Degree: Agnostic Front Vs. Murphy’s Law
3rd Degree: Aimee Mullins
4th Degree: The Five Points of Fellowship
5th Degree: Richard Serra

15. What is the name of the annual motorcycle race held on the Isle of Man (alluded to by the racing hacks in Cremaster 4)?

The Tourist Trophy (“T.T. Motorcycle Race” also accepted)

16. What non-mythical animal appears near the end of Cremaster 4?

Loughton Ram (“Ram” not accepted -- the Loughton Ram is a specific type of ram with ascending and descending horns)

17. In what language is the opera sung in Cremaster 5?


18. What avant-garde musician collaborated with Matthew Barney on De Lama Lamina?

Arto Lindsay

19. What city provides the location for Drawing Restraint 7?

New York (“Manhattan” not accepted - DR7 was filmed on the bridges and tunnels connecting Manhattan with the outer boroughs and New Jersey. As a Brooklyn resident, I have to point out that Manhattan is not a city but one of the five boroughs that make up New York City.)

20. What is the name of the whaling ship in Drawing Restraint 9?

Nisshin Maru