De Lama Lamina Production Photographs

De Lama Lamina (From Mud, A Blade) was filmed in 2004 during Carnival in Salvador De Bahia, a city about 750 miles Northeast of Rio de Janeiro. The piece is a collaboration between Barney and longtime friend Arto Lindsay. Barney constructed a large float in the shape of an enormous deforesting truck clutching a large, uprooted tree (containing an actress portraying Julia Butterfly Hill, the anti-logging activist who lived for two years in a Great Redwood tree). The float, flanked by 30 drummers and 1,000 dancers in Tvek costumes (laser cut to mimic tree bark), marched with the Cortejo Afro bloco in Salvador’s Carnival parade. Lindsay’s band performed on a logging trailer pulled behind the truck.

In the video, the truck is powered by the Greenman, who masturbates continuously against the drive shaft. A related video of the Greenman called Hoist has been released commercially on the Destricted artist compilation DVD.