Cremaster Fanatic

Writing - Fiction

James - The Masked Ball (excerpt) **sexually explicit**

Simon - Matthew's Opening **sexually explicit**

Peter - A Walk in the Park **sexually explicit**

Chris McCoy - A Selection from George W. Bush's Eavesdropping Tapes: Matthew Barney and Bjork Place an Ikea Phone Order

John Barner - Flickering in the Pink Night of Youthful Graces: An (Imaginary) Conversation with Matthew Barney

Nicholas Alexander Hayes - Neither Virtue nor Disease

Anne Weber - Cremaster 6

Writing - Poetry

Céline Georges - L’Appartement

James Brock - Matthew Barney Suite

Thomas Nichols - The Entered Apprentice's Sonnet

Anna Mileo - O Magician, I Beg You Not To Jump

David Kramer - A Cremaster Haiku

Writing - Miscellaneous

Peter Streitman - Drawing Restraint 9 - A Metaphorical Glossary